The Mind Field at Home



45 min

Time Limit


/ Total Price

Your Home


Enjoy The Mind Field experience in your own home!

We have taken The Mind Field experience that we offer at our Lake Oswego location and modified it so you can play it at home with your own family. You can have as many participants play together as you like for one price, no limits!

Note: Pricing is $25 total no matter how many people play, disregard number of players in booking system

Some are harder than others and you only get 5 "skips" so choose them wisely. Puzzles are not always the same each game, so feel free to play it multiple times. New tasks and puzzles are added constantly.

After the game, a score sheet will be emailed to you shortly to compare your performance, along with a $5 gift voucher for use on another try, or towards any of our TALES, or our in-person experiences when we reopen.

One of our game master will join you live via Zoom meeting, and explain the game, and then you will be given 30 minutes for you and your family to try to get through as many challenges, tasks, and puzzles as you can. You will sometimes be using items you can commonly find in your home...common...but maybe not easily..that one is on you!

Review special technical requirements displayed when placing a booking.

Recommended Group Size 2-4:



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